Dewan New Offices

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dewan Architects + Engineers recently moved their Dubai teams from Al Wasl road to a spacious office in Dubai Design District with the purpose of fostering more creativity which is naturally generated in this area of the city. The main interior design concept is to engage a major interaction between the different departments and to welcome partners in the neighbourhood.

Therefore, an open plan layout was preferred to traditional partitions. The program also includes the design of the main entrance, lounge, reception, corridors, meeting rooms, open working offices, employee center, sample board rooms, break areas and public toilets.

Workstations have been arranged in a way so team members face one another to increase communication between them. All the departments are separated by informal breakout areas originated by light shelving systems and different floor textures which have a double function of facilitating spontaneous meetings as well as having an aesthetic significance and practical use.

The use of greenery enhances this open divisions and provides a peaceful resting experience for the team when they seek to relax. The use of color also has a predominant role in creating visually distinct spaces as well as adding a fun, creative element to the office layout. The industrial feel of the office is clearly notorious by the use of exposed pipes and concrete ceilings which also add an interesting, geometrical feature to Dewan’s new office space.

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