Exterior View
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Exterior View
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Swining Pool
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Almaly Country Club


The idea behind the Almaly Country Club complex was to offer a-state-of-the art housing complex in the privileged area of Almaty, overlooking the city and with the magnificent backdrop of the snow-capped mountains.

The architectural intervention was undertaken with the idea of creating a contrasting effect with the existing consolidated nature in the surrounding park area (which would be largely maintained). The use of modern materials along with natural materials further accentuates this intervention.
There are several types of accommodation available to cater to all possible needs, from the single occupier to the family, all conveniently connected by a covered common area featuring a café-restaurant, a multi-purpose hall, and all the stores and services required for a fully self-contained complex. The common area connects to the clubhouse with its full-size indoor swimming pool and to the health club with its rooftop sun lounge and café.

The apartments have bright spaces with excellent views and state-of-the-art accessories and materials. Each element has a practical purpose, as well as an aesthetic identity that portrays an elegant and luxurious lifestyle for the residents.

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