Brown Vujcich

New Zealand

Bossley Architects is an award-winning New Zealand architectural and interior design practice, recognised for its creative and innovative design. Based on the belief that great buildings are good for us all, we design buildings which evoke sensations and meanings arising from their location, culture and history, by being part of their place and time, without falling back on nostalgia.


We look beyond the immediate project to embrace wider social and environmental issues, and believe the best buildings spring from an open collaboration between architect, client and consultants. Buildings that respect issues of functionality, by being eminently buildable and within budget, and sustainability, by utilising orientation to topography, sun and wind, by incorporating passive and active heating/cooling/ventilation systems, by minimising energy use, and by incorporating accredited sustainable and/or recycled materials. Our buildings and masterplans recognise sound urban design principles. We are signatories to the NZ Urban Design Protocol and members of the Urban Design Forum.


Whilst being very much design focused, the practice has an overriding interest in the pragmatics and feasibility of construction. There is considerable hands-on building experience amongst the personnel, and buildings are carefully detailed with construction methods in mind. We regard each project as a new possibility requiring unique architectural expression. We listen carefully to our clients requirements, and incorporate their desires into our design approach. Our uncompromising attitude towards design quality has led to numerous award-winning projects.


Our aim is to design buildings which lift the spirits, which offer pleasure and excitement. 


  • 建築家
Ponsonby, New Zealand