Nouvel Loses in Philharmonie Lawsuit

John Hill
20. 4月 2015
Photo: AFP, via Sydney Morning Herald

Architect Jean Nouvel has lost a court case in which he claimed his design for the Philharmonie de Paris had been "sabotaged" through a number of modifications.

The changes, according to Nouvel, affected the parapets, foyers, facades, promenade and 2,400-seat auditorium's acoustic elements within the building overlooking the Parc de la Villette.

In January, Nouvel boycotted the concert hall's opening, saying it was "not finished." He asserted that cost increases and construction delays should not be attributed to him, and shortly after the 15 January opening he requested his name be removed from the project.

In the lawsuit Nouvel demanded that the modified sections of the £280 million building be rebuilt per his design. As reported by the Independent, the Paris court on Thursday "said the documents he provided 'do not allow the court to assess the work asked for in its definitive state, both globally and in detail,' so they could not determind whether the work had been 'adulterated'."



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