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Foto © José Salto
Foto © José Salto
Foto © José Salto

Zela Restaurant

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STUDIO GRONDA is behind the design of the new ZELA restaurant in London, opened at the ME London Hotel on the Strand (Covent Garden).
A new must-go restaurant, following the line traced by ZELA Ibiza, also designed by STUDIO GRONDA, ZELA London combines a relaxed Ibizan style with allusions to Southeast Asia.
The ZELA name is taken from a butterfly native to Indochina, a species that represents the spirit of the region. From this starting point, STUDIO GRONDA has drawn inspiration from Indo-Chinese sources, fusing cultures through a design language in which nature predominates (plant species, flora and the animal world), along with different hues of green.
A sizeable space featuring large subtropical gardens covers the arched windows, embellishing the area. The verdant effect is fused with a hand-painted mural in colonial style, with a wild landscape in the background, into which frames with aged bronze mirrors are integrated, generating a dreamy atmosphere. A lattice roof superimposed with bronze layers, mirrors and textured glass sheets, floats over the dining room, creating an intimate ambiance. Meanwhile, the dim light filtering through black lacquered wood blinds, enhances its mysterious and sensual bearing.

The restaurant's main room features a gastronomic bar, and another for premium cocktails. Both are covered with hand-lacquered ceramic tiles representing small feathers. The colourful chairs lining the bar, sit on a sprawling carpet of vibrant mosaics, furnishing the space with the informal tone and landscaped touch typical of an Ibizan villa.

In Zela London, Ricardo Sanz, boasting four Michelin stars, exhibits his commitment to “Meppon” cuisine: a melding of Japanese techniques and flavours with Mediterranean products.

STUDIO GRONDA has brought the panache and life of ZELA Ibiza and TATEL Miami, also designed by the studio, to the centre of London. A new space featuring haute cuisine and live music within an Ibizan atmosphere.

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