james corner field operations

MGM/ Aria Hotel

Las Vegas, USA, 2009

JCFO designed and oversaw construction of a series of unique open spaces including a large pool deck, convention center roof garden, port...

james corner field operations

The High Line

New York, USA, 2011

James Corner Field Operations is the lead designer for the High Line, the transformation of an unusual 1.2-mile long abandoned el...

Schneider + Sendelbach

Masterplan Hangzhou Huafeng

Hangzhou Huafeng, China, 2010

Auf einer Gesamtfläche von ca. 315 ha wird der Stadtteil Hangzhou Huafeng entwickelt mit einer Vielfalt kultureller und kommerzielle...


DADA’s Grassland—240,000 square meters artistic…

Huizhou, China, 2011

DADA's Grassland is IAPA’s first residential project that the total construction area is over 200.000 square meters.

Atelier 100s+1

“9 Peninsulas” master plan

Nanning, China, 2005

Project Name: "9 Peninsulas" master plan Location: Nanning, Guangxi Site Area:

logon Ltd.

The New Qingpu Wetlands

Shanghai, China, 2009

In the process of modernization and urbanization, various regions in China, especially those around megacities, are undergoing dras...


Hall in town

Tianjin, China, 2006

This clubhouse is located in Tianjin’s Chinese traditional downtown, which is already demolished and replaced step by step with new...


Conceptual Planning for Liangzhu National…

Hangzhou, China

The relics presentation buildings suggest to use building materials such as light wood, bamboo and steel etc. which can be removed or reb...

Atelier Zhouling

The renovation of Yihe historic district

Nanjing, China, 2006

The project is part of the renovation in the Yihe district, which is a historic area in Nanjing. We propose new buildings as infill...


Big Bold Visionary: Gary Indiana Masterplan

Gary, USA, 2008

This master plan rings the industrial city of Gary, Indiana with a natural resources greenway and recreation corridor by connecti...

TGP Trüper Gondesen Partner

Hochschulstadtteil Lübeck

Lübeck, Germania, 2002

Ein neuer, ca. 5,5 ha großer Stadtteilpark soll das Zentrum des neuen Hochschulstadtteils bilden. Die Hochschulstadtteilentwicklungsgesel...

Scenic Architecture

Xiayang Lake Lot 6

Qingpu, China, 2004

Traditional space typologies are used in this urban design project.  Retail street network in the northern zone composes a compact b...

Jiakun Architects

Guangzhou Times Rose Garden

Guangzhou, China, 2005

Guangzhou Times Rose Garden, landscape and culture space design in Residential Community, Guangzhou Site: Guangzhou...



Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2008

Xeritown is an urban development for about 7,000 residents in Dubailand. It pioneers sustainability and adaptability within the problemat...

cheret bozic architekten bda dwb

Städtebauliche Neuordnung der Ortsmitte und…

Neuhausen a.d.F, Germania, 2004

Der 2004 fertig gestellte Schlossplatz in Neuhausen ist das Ergebnis eines Architekturwettbewerbes, sowie des intensiv geführten Dialogs ...

ppp architekten + stadtplaner

Hochschulstadtteil Lübeck

Lübeck, Germania, 2003

Städtebaulicher Rahmenplan, Städtebau – Der bestehende Hochschulbereich im Süden Lübecks soll zu einem Stadtteil von ca. 230 ha Größe für...

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