DGJ Architektur

Trafostation Gstad

Zollikon, Svizzera, 2007

Dieser Infrastrukturbau wurde in die Landschaft integriert. Der Bau tritt kaum als Gebäude in Erscheinung, sondern eher als landschaftlic...


Memphis Botanic Garden - Live at the Garden

Memphis, TN, USA, 2014

A botanic garden, comprised of themed garden areas and support buildings, cultivated an outdoor concert series using temporary facilities...


Sharon Fields

Clifton Forge, USA, 2015

The Sharon Fields are the second and final phase of a Little League Baseball and Softball complex serving boys and girls from age 3 to 18...


Sharon Fieldhouse

Clifton Forge, USA, 2014

The Sharon Fieldhouse sits on a hillside defined by a series of terraced baseball fields. It marks the land as a linear incision that cut...

LWPAC - Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture


Vancouver, Canada

MONAD_V : Platforms for Life Monad is a generative technology systems platform for integrated adaptable mixed use housing for the sustain...


Smith Creek Pedestrian Bridge

Covington, USA, 2013

The project is situated in the economically strained Virginia rail town of Clifton Forge. It is the 2nd phase of the redevelopment of a p...


Masonic Amphitheatre

Clifton Forge, USA, 2012

The project consists of the complete redevelopment of a post-industrial brownfield into a public park and performance space. The idea dri...


Covington Farmers Market

Covington, USA, 2011

During the fall semester, the students spent a number of weeks studying existing Farmers Markets around Virginia – which they visit...

Aebi & Vincent

Wohnüberbauung Labo Golette

Meyrin, Svizzera, 2016

Die Anlage der beiden Wohngebäude ist durch die Linien und Volumen der bestehenden Baukörper im Quartier ebenso bestimmt wie du...

Karin Standler Landschaftsarchitektur

Stadtentwicklung - Eurogate

Wien, Austria

EUROGATE 2050: STADT entsteht durch STÄDTEBAU Wie soll ein neuer Stadtteil in Wien in 2050 aussehen? ...


Muelle Uno

Málaga, Spain, 2011

In recent years Malaga has lived with its back to the sea, thanks to maritime activity that has kept the port off limits. This la...


Rock Cut Architecture: Amarnath Caves

Amarnath, India

One of the most pious and perilous of Hindu pilgrimages, the ‘Amarnath ji yatra’ is situated at a height of 3888 m, a...

Lorenzo Perri - YTAA 2016 Finalist

The Assembly of Le Balai Citoyen

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Brewing Democracy "The assembly is a space of accumulation where the activists of le Balai Citoyen pursu...

Ioana Gherghel - YTAA Shortlist

Greenwich Archipelago Village

New York, USA

The joys and discoveries of living in an amphibian village "When exploring how architecture morphs in th...

Alexis Cordova - YTAA Shortlist

Storm surge zones - An architectural…

New York, USA

Protection as a Catalyst "This Project deals with the threat of storm surges. Through a coherent use of ...

Matteo Cervini | Eleonora Loca - YTAA Shortlist

Dialogues between city and landscape

Piacenza, Italia

The urban park as a regeneration cell of abandoned places between critical reading and project "...

Miriam Alonso Barrio - YTAA Shortlist

The English Mall // The Comercial Garden

Valdebebas, Spain

The English garden slipped down the burrow (The comercial mall or the English garden) "The project refor...

Maria Cerdà - YTAA Shortlist

Butterfly Landing

Llobregat Park, Barcelona, Spain

A minimum Intervention for a big evolutionary leap "Butterflies as important environmental indicators, p...

Laura Abbruzzese - YTAA 2016 Finalist

Subversions Minhocão

São Paulo, Brazil

Urban Scars Renewal Programme. The Elevado Arthur da Costa e Silva study case. "...

Daniel Mira García - YTAA Shortlist

Sand Motor in Costa Brava

Girona, Spain

Healing the Spanish Coast after the housing bubble "During the Spanish housing bubble, the 30% of the be...

Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten

Athletes Village

London, Great Britain, 2012

Die Entwicklung der Stratford City wurde ursprünglich im Jahr 2002 als Wohnraum- und Stadterneuerungsprojekt auf den ehemaligen Bahn...

Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten

Novartis Campus Park

Basel, Svizzera, 2016

Auf den geologischen Karten von Basel wird eine Landschaft sichtbar, die in der heutigen Realität unter dichten Siedlungs- und Nutzu...

Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten

Tate Modern

London, Great Britain, 2001

The new landscape of the Tate Modern Gallery works with nature and is about nature, with the river and about the river: Its tides, its co...

Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten

Allianz Arena

München, Germania, 2005

Die Gestaltung des Umfeldes für das neue Fussballstadion am Rand von München bedeutet, eine Landschaft zu bauen. Das Thema und ...

Sigge Architects

Burj Al Arab Terrace

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2016

Burj Al Arab’s Luxury Beach Extension Island is first of its kind in the world that took only 11-months from start to finis...

ROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers

The New York Stock Exchange Streets + Security

New York, NY, USA, 2010

Undertaken in conjunction with NYC Economic Development Corporation, the Department of City Planning and the Lower Manhattan Development ...

ROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers

The Elevated Acre at 55 Water Street

New York, NY, USA, 2005

The design for this elevated plaza transforms a barren, windswept deck into a vibrant, multi-programmed and accessible public par...

ROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers

Battery Park City Streetscapes

New York, NY, USA, 2008

Rogers Partners provided enhanced pedestrian connections to public spaces and amenities and created a new identity for this resid...

ROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers

Pier A Plaza

New York, NY, USA, 2015

Located in lower Manhattan, between Battery Park City and Battery Park, Pier A is a New York City Landmark, the oldest surviving ...

WXY architecture + urban design

Transmitter Park and Pier

New York, USA, 2012

This community-based Open Space Masterplan, by landscape architect Donna Walcavage and WXY, followed the rezoning of the Greenpoi...

WXY architecture + urban design

The Reconstruction of Astor Place & Cooper…

New York, USA

A pedestrian improvement plan, initiated by the NYC Department of Transportation, will soon transform the network of streets in a...

WXY architecture + urban design

The Brooklyn Strand Action Plan

Brooklyn, New York, USA, 2015

In July 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a series of initiatives to further the successful growth of Downtown Brooklyn into a...

WXY architecture + urban design

West 215 Step Street Reconstruction

New York, USA, 2016

West 215th Step Street serves as a pedestrian corridor between Broadway (at the low end of the stair) and Park Terrace East (at the high ...

WXY architecture + urban design

Rockaway Boardwalks Reconstruction

New York, USA, 2017

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard, destroying thousands of businesses, homes, public amenities and regional infrastructure...

ROGERS PARTNERS Architects+Urban Designers

Constitution Gardens

Washington, DC, USA, 2018

Rogers Partners' ongoing work at Constitution Gardens on the National Mall honors the clear and optimistic legacy of its 1970...

grabowski.spork architektur

Infobox Weidenborn

Wiesbaden, Germania, 2008

Temporäre Informationsbox für ein Neubaugebiet der Wiesbadener Wohnungsbaugesellschaft GWW. Eine einfache und preiswerte Konstruktion sow...

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