on 01/03/24

The exhibition "drawing in space" by Sauerbruch Hutton provides an insight into the reflection and creative processes of their architecture. Falk Jaeger visited the exhibition and also found in it a journey through the development of architectural representation. Falk Jaeger

on 29/06/23

The Tchoban Foundation's Museum for Architectural Drawing has become a must-visit for architects and architecture enthusiasts from around the world when visiting Berlin, just like the neighboring Aedes Architecture Forum. The exhibition ArchiVision is celebrating the museum's tenth... Falk Jaeger

on 25/01/23

On January 21, Arno Lederer died in Stuttgart at the age of 75 following a severe illness. He provided orientation to many, and people appreciated his wise thoughts and loved his open, friendly and approachable manner. Falk Jaeger

on 06/12/22

Meinhard von Gerkan, the prominent German architect, died in Hamburg on Wednesday, November 30, at the age of 87. Falk Jaeger

on 01/07/22

When we visited Mother's House, Robert Venturi's icon of postmodernism in Philadelphia, and told the resident, Agatha Hughes, that we were from Berlin, she replied, "How is Kristin?" That was in 1992. Since then, her fame in architectural circles has only grown. On July 1, Kristin Feireiss... John Hill, Falk Jaeger

on 20/12/21

The buildings of Richard Rogers, especially those of his early creative period, were often hardly accepted at first — before eventually becoming landmarks of modern architecture. Rogers died at his home in London over the weekend at the age of 88. John Hill, Falk Jaeger

on 08/09/21

He lived his life with a natural cosmopolitan attitude and open-mindedness into his old age. Jörg Schlaich was a quiet and modest man, yet self-confident and without the airs and graces of many of the stars acting on the architecture stage worldwide. Jörg Schlaich died on September 4. Falk Jaeger

on 28/09/20

Beyond all the scandals, the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt (BER) promises to achieve what architecture is supposed to achieve. The airport is scheduled to open at the end of October. Falk Jaeger

on 20/11/19

Architect Gustav Peichl, born in Vienna in March 1928, died at his home in Grinzing, a district of Vienna, on Sunday, November 17 at the age of 91. John Hill, Falk Jaeger

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