No.38 Paizi Hutong

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Oscar KO, Gu Yunduan

The project is a renovation of existing courtyard house in Beijing. It is a clubhouse that contains hotel rooms on the ground and an underground clubhouse public space.

Conversations between Old and New
There used to be an old plant on the ground. In order to preserve this historical trace, although the plant was demolished, the steel frame structure of the plant was retained, becoming a time-commemorative design. The wood structure of the house has been decaying for a long time. We choose to repair them according to their original form and structure, to preserve this traces of history. Then we add the modern clubhouse club. The clubhouse is underground and in modern style. We not only increase the usage area, but also does not interfere with the traditional atmosphere on the ground. In order introduce light, we designed a sunken courtyard. In this sunken courtyard, one can see the history of the ground and the modernity of the clubhouse. In such a spatial arrangement, people can feel the inheritance and transformation of the past and the present at the same time.

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