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Foto © Marc Cramer
Foto © Marc Cramer
Foto © Marc Cramer
Foto © Marc Cramer
Foto © Marc Cramer
Foto © Marc Cramer

Montreal Convention Center

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159, Rue St-Antoine, H2Z 1H5 Montreal, Canada
1M - 100M
1-5 Piani

Double the building’s square footage, mend the tears in the urban fabric by reconciling the various adjacent neighbourhoods and position Montréal as the dominant convention destination in North America: these were the challenges posed by the expansion and renovation of the Montréal Convention Centre. The execution of this bold and complex project in construction design mode necessitated covering the expressway and restoring three historic buildings. Built according to an extremely tight schedule while allowing the Centre to continue operating, the Convention Centre constitutes the pillar of the new international quarter, an icon that typifies Montréal and its openness to the world.

TYPE OF INTERVENTION : Major extension, renovation of existing building,

restoration of heritage buildings

DELIVERY METHOD : Turn-key project, design-built, fast track method with over 100 construction work packages

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN : application of energy saving principles

IN JOINT VENTURE : Ædifica, Tétreault Parent Languedoc, Saia Barbese Topouzanov

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