2016 Europe 40 Under 40

 John Hill
8. February 2017
Alfredo Muñoz, ABIBOO Architecture: House H (Photo: João Morgado)
The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design have announced the latest roundup of "the most promising and emerging design talent in Europe" in their biennial Europe 40 Under 40 competition.
The 40 winners come from 10 countries – Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Kosovo, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey – with more than half from two of them: France (18) and Spain (8). The winning architecture and design firms are listed below, alphabetical by country, with some of them highlighted with images. Visit the Europe 40 Under 40 website for more information on the winners.

The exhibition Europe 40 Under 40 opens on 24 February 2017 at Contemporary Space Athens.
Yann Caclin, ABC-STUDIO: Gymnasium (Photos: Cyrille Lallement)


  • Michael Kogelnik VOCIER GmbH (Wr. Neustadt)


  • Michel Benjamin, Heams & Michel (Biot)
  • Ilham LaraquiI, Laraqui Bringer Architecture (Paris)
  • Agnès Guillemin, Agnès&Agnès architecture (Paris)
  • Agnès Chryssostalis, Agnès&Agnès architecture (Paris)
  • Ambroise Bera, Swan Architectes (Paris)
  • Joachim Bellemin, Swan Architectes (Paris)
  • Gregoire Dubreux, MU Architecture (Paris)
  • Paul Le Quernec, Paul Le Quernec Architectes (Strausburg)
  • Yann Follain, WY-TO architects (Paris)
  • Evangelos Vasileiou, Evangelos Vasileiou architecture (Paris)
  • Guillaume Aubry, Freaks (Paris)
  • Nicolas Moreau, Moreau Kusunoki (Paris)
  • Nicolas Vernoux-Thélot, Insitu Architecture (Paris)
  • Pierre Audat, Pierre Audat Architecte (Paris)
  • Jean-Marc Rio, Asario Architects (atelier scènes architectures) (Issy-les-Moulineaux)
  • Emmanuel Sitbon, Sitbon Architectes (Paris)
  • Yann Caclin, ABC-STUDIO (Nancy) 
  • Carlo Grispello, Graal Architecture (Montreuil)
Nicolas Moreau, Moreau Kusunoki: Guggenheim Helsinki (Image courtesy of Guggenheim Helsinki)


  • Dietmar Koering - Arphenotype (Cologne)


  • Giannis Giannoutsos, Giannis Giannoutsos Architecture (Athens)
  • Roula Kotsilati, Roula Kotsilati Architecture (Athens/Berlin)

Great Britain

  • Anthony Logothetis, Seóra Ltd. (London)
  • Adam Tarr, MZO TARR Architects (London) 
Roula Kotsilati, Roula Kotsilati Architecture: Five Houses at Parnassus Mountain (Photo: Dimitris Benetos)


  • Lukas Rungger, noa* - network of architecture (Bolzano)
  • Stefano Tropea, B22 (Milan) 


  • Naim Matoshi, Arcadis sh p k (Prishtina) 


  • Vasco Matias Correia, Camarim Arquitectos (Lisbon)


  • Jure Kotnik, Arhitektura Jure Kotnik (Ljubljana)
Jure Kotnik, Arhitektura Jure Kotnik: Kindergarten Kekec (Photo: Miran Kambič)


  • Cristian Santandreu Utermark, A2arquitectos (Madrid)
  • Josep Muñoz i Pérez MP Land.Art.scape.Architecture (Mataró)
  • Arantza Ozaeta Cortazar, TALLERde2 Architects (Madrid)
  • Alvaro Martin Fidalgo, TALLERde2 Architects (Madrid)
  • Alfredo Muñoz, ABIBOO Architecture (Madrid)
  • César Vivas, EVA Estudio Vivas Arquitectos (Barcelona)
  • Cristian Vivas, EVA Estudio Vivas Arquitectos (Barcelona)
  • Antonio G. Liñán, SV60 Cordón & Liñán Arquitectos (Sevilla) 


  • Abdurrahman Cekim, Baraka Architects (İstanbul)
  • Mert Eyiler, mert eyiler mimar atolyesi tic. ltd. şti (İstanbul)
  • Onur Teke, Teke Architects (Milan)
Ambroise Bera & Joachim Bellemin, Swan Architectes

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