Villa Escargot


A building moves in the same way music does.

Of course it’s not the actual structure that moves. That structure is firmly fixed to the earth, but as the earth itself moves over the course of one day, different kinds of light flood in, and as the seasons progress other changes also occur. As we spend time inside the building we are able to sense those changes, and we are reminded that we, too, are a part of the earth.

I feel this sense of the earth and our place on it is extremely importantif we are to reside with dignity in a given space.

Light is the medium that brings about this awareness, but in order to sense light deeply, a certain amount of shadow is also necessary. Using materials that have a strong presence to express gradations of light and shadow is a constant goal in my work. Put broadly, I believe my job is to create the atmosphere of each space that is born.

■ Villa SSK was added to the detailed project pages.

■ Takeshi Hirobe was interviewed by the New York Times about the use of tsuboniwa, in contemporary residential architecture. The interview was published in the print and online editions of the paper.

■ Seashore Shell House has been awarded the first prize in Wooden Architectural Space Design Competition.

■ Sideway by Takeshi Hirobe has been published by TOTO. Tiwanese version is also published.

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