Aebi & Vincent

Erneuerung Stadttheater Langenthal

Langenthal, Suisse, 2017

Gesamterneuerung Stadttheater Langenthal. Verlegung des Haupteingangs von der West- zur Nordseite. Interne Erweiterung mit einem 4. Saal....

mei architects and planners

Fenix I

Rotterdam, Pays-Bas, 2019

The Fenix warehouses, located opposite Hotel New York and the Rijnhaven Bridge, were built in 1922 in Katendrecht, Rotterdam. Previously ...

Reuter Schoger Architektur Innenarchitektur Part mbB


Berlin, Allemagne, 2011

1984 eröffnete das Revuetheater mit der größten Theaterbühne der Welt. Es gehört zu den letzten großen Plattenbauten der DDR und prägt mi...

Matiz Architecture & Design

The Sante Fe Opera, Phase Two

Sante Fe, États-Unis, 2016

MAD recently completed Phase 2 of the “Setting the Stage” campaign by expanding all the structures on the North side of the C...

Matiz Architecture & Design

The Sante Fe Opera, Phase One

Sante Fe, États-Unis, 2015

MAD completed Phase One of the “Setting the Stage” campaign by expanding the entry plaza with a new Dining Terrace as well as...

Ivo Oberholzer - YTAA Shortlist

A theatre for la fura dels baus

Barcelona, Espagne

"The existing dry dock is used as foundation for the theater. The Idea was to design space which are different in appearance and...


Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center

New York, États-Unis, 2020

On the most significant site in New York City, the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center (The Perelman Cent...

Wolff - Yapur

Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva

Mexico City, Mexico, 2016

The Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva in Mexico City is a project that has been lobbied to many city institutions. After several months, T...

Thilo Ross Fotografie


diverse, Allemagne


RPI – Experimental Media and Performing Arts…

Troy, NY, États-Unis, 2008

Lighting for the state-of-the-art Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) is inspired by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s...

Jeker Architekten

Neues Theater

Dornach, Suisse, 2015

Mit dem Rückbau des alten Kinos von Dornach hat das neue Theater am Bahnhof seine 10-jährige Wirkungsstätte verloren. In S...

OPEN Architecture

Pingshan Performing Arts Center

Shenzhen, China, 2019

In tandem with China’s economic boom and rapid urbanization, theaters have sprung up throughout the country in the past decade. Most have...

Lindner Group

Theater an der Elbe

Hamburg, Allemagne, 2014

Das Musical „Der König der Löwen“ feierte im Dezember 2001 Premiere in Hamburg – und ist seither eine Erfolgsstory. Beinahe alle der über...

DFT arquitectes

"Gran Teatre del Liceu" Opera House

Barcelona, Espagne, 1999

The reconstruction and extension of the Liceu was a singular project with the difficult challenge of balancing the needs and potentials o...

DFT arquitectes

Vilafranca del Penedès Auditorium

Vilafranca del Penedès, Espagne, 2008

The specialization of a hall should not be incompatible with its versatility. We should organize different events such as concerts, theat...


Detail Planning & Architectural Design for the…

Xi’an, China, 2016

Site Area The gross planning area is 700 thousands square meters and the gross building area of the cultural architectures is 35 th...

Studio Zhu-Pei

Yang Liping Performing Arts Center

Dali, Yunnan, China, 2015

The professional dancer Yang Liping is a star in China. She has created new interpretations of the folk dances from the Yunnan region and...

GXM Architekten

Le Ticle Zentrumsüberbauung mit Theater

Delémont, Suisse, 2014-2020

Das Überbauungsprojekt „Le Ticle“ wird die seit Jahrzehnten vorhandene Lücke zwischen dem Bahnhofquartier und der Altstadt von Delémont s...

Philip Kistner


Essen, Allemagne, 2015

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Architectural rehabilitation of "Centro…

Barcelona, Espagne, 2012

Dosgeuvearquitectura usually helps manage property and assets of high technical complexity. In the case of the Aragonese Center of Barcel...

Meritxell Inaraja i Genís

La Seca

Barcelona, Espagne, 2011

The Seca was the name of the Royal Mint of the Corona de Aragón. The term "Seca" comes from the Arabic word Sekka, which means "place whe...

gasser, derungs

Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, Einbau Theaterraum 'Zuoz…

Zuoz, Suisse, 2011

Projekt- und Ausführungsplanung   einbauen, aufführen William Shakespeare wäre ...

gasser, derungs

ORIGEN, Ausbau Wintertheater und Sanierung…

Riom, Suisse, 2015

2018 Gasser, Derungs gratulieren ihrem Bauherrn, der Nova Fundaziun Origen, Riom, herzlich zum Wakkerpreis 2018. „Der Schweizer Heimatsc...

BOPBAA Arquitectura

El Molino

Barcelona, Espagne, 2009

El Molino is more than a theater of reference in the Paral•lel Avenue. It is a “café – concert” with o...


Hattiloo Theatre

Memphis, TN, États-Unis, 2014

The first black repertory theatre in Memphis relocated from their start-up space to an existing parking lot in an urban entertainment dis...

Flores & Prats

Sala Beckett / International Theatre and Drama…

Barcelona, Espagne, 2016

Visiting the abandoned building of the old Cooperativa Paz y Justicia for the competition of the new Sala Beckett was like entering a tim...

Ricard Galiana Nadal. Architecture

Maison de Famille, Ferme du Pommier

Le Grand-Saconnex, Suisse, 2014

Form4 Architecture

The Crashing Waves (Tongyeong Concert Hall)

Tongeyeong Harbor, Corée du Sud, 2009

Crashing Waves (Tongyeong Concert Hall) was designed to resound the intensity and vibrancy of Korean composer Isang Yun’s music. Th...

Atelier Altenkirch - Architekturfotografie und Kunstdokumentation

Sanierung Theater US Hospital Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Allemagne, 2011

spillmann echsle architekten eth sia

Tanzwerk 101

Zurich, Suisse, 2013

The Tanzwerk is built within the Migros logistics facility in Zurich West. Before this conversion, the premises were used for banana ripe...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]

Museum X

City X , Finlande

Rob Mothershed [Architects]

Budapest - Hungary - Contemporary Museum

Budapest, Hongrie

Rob Mothershed [Architects]


Taichung , China

The direction and forces of nature remain illusive. Man cannot predict how the earths layers will fold and meld. The next major sets of c...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]

TPAC - Taipei Pefroming Arts Center

Taipei, China

The new performing art center attempted to create a rich gathering of massive program areas. There are three theatres that share an inter...

DFZ Architekten

Opernfundus der Hamburger Staatsoper

Hamburg, Allemagne, 2014

1. Preis im nichtoffenen Wettbewerb mit sieben Teilnehmern für den Neubau der Opernwerkstätten und –Fundi der Hamburgischen Staatsoper. ...

Platform for Architecture + Research

Padiglione Italia Expo 2015

Milan, Italie, 2013

An ambitious master plan for Expo 2015 was developed to revitalize an industrial zone outside the city of Milan. In the spirit of...

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