Portmix Shanghai

© Eiichi Kano
© Eiichi Kano
© Eiichi Kano
© Eiichi Kano
© Eiichi Kano
© Eiichi Kano
© Eiichi Kano
© Eiichi Kano
© Eiichi Kano
© Eiichi Kano
Planificateurs en éclairage
Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)
Kengo Kuma and Associates

The Integration of Light with Architectural Space -to use Lighting as one of the Building Element-

The Project, “PortMix”, Mix-Use with various Exhibition Spaces, commercial, office and residential situates north direction of The Hongqiao International No. 2 Terminal. Architect Kengo Kuma have designed the project utilized Wood, Water, Tiled Roof made from local natural materials available in the region. ALG have commissioned from the client to light the selected areas of Office Tower, Residential Tower and whole Central Exhibition Area. ALG have further designed all landscape area designed by Kengo Kuma.
The Project aimed to bring Lighting to integrate into the building element as we have succeeded to create unique and rich spreading spaces throughout the project.
The Lecture Hall was designed that two main elements of space, wall and ceiling were combined to share same random pattern. The indirect light casting on a randomly placed LED linear source, together with linear light installed under each linear seat made whole space to glow warm which produced chandelier effect viewing from the entrance of the Exhibition Center. While to attain three dimensionalities in space, we have added hidden narrow spot lights concealed between the panels.
Outside of the structure, wooden louvers were designed in random pattern being up lit from the water pool adjacent to the structure together with linear source installed underwater along the edge of the pool not only made drama, but helped to unify North-South site divisions.
The Architect and ALG have examined composing architectural materials all from local production to find out the nature of light best suited in terms of intensity, color temperature and installation.
The Project, “PortMix”, was an experiment to treat “Light” as one of architectural material which can be cut, paste, bent and to be integrated into architectural fabric. It was Kengo Kuma as well as ALG philosophy to treat lighting blended into architecture as close to achieve real “Architectural Lighting.”

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