Japon, 2016

Minamo Terrace

Japon, 2016

Folded Roof House

Fukuoka, Japon, 2015

House in Kosen

Kumamoto, Japon, 2015

Sasebo Port International Terminal

Nagasaki, Japon, 2014

Fukuoka Woman’s University

Fukuoka, Japon, 2014

HIKARI Terrace

Oita, Japon, 2014

Orthodontic Clinic, Ozasa

Fukuoka, Japon, 2013

Orthodontic Clinic, Toyama

Toyama, Japon, 2013

Kazaguruma House

Oita, Japon, 2012

JUUL House

Fukuoka, Japon, 2012

K Nursery School

Fukuoka, Japon, 2011

The building is located at a high density commercial area.  Since the site area is limited and the program required the intimate and...

Ferry Terminal in Matsugae

Nagasaki, Japon, 2010

Location: Nagasaki Structure: Reinforced concrete Building area: 2,000㎡

DAN Orthodontics Clinic

Kumamoto, Japon, 2010

House in Nakatsu

Oita, Japon, 2010

Location: Nakatsu, Oita Structure: Reinforced concrete Building area: 158㎡

House in Musashigaoka

Fukuoka, Japon, 2010

Location: Chikushino, Fukuoka Structure: Wood Building area: 188㎡

Clinic in Shii

Fukuoka, Japon, 2008

Location: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Structure: Reinforced concrete + Steel Building Area: 294+49m2

Row House in Dazaifu

Fukuoka, Japon, 2008

Location: Dazaifu, Fukuoka Structure: Reinforced concrete Building area: 183㎡

House in Miyakonojo

Miyazaki, Japon, 2008

Location: Mitsumata-cho, Miyazaki Structure: Wood Building area: 110㎡

House in Tsuyazaki

Fukuoka, Japon, 2008

Location: Fukutsu, Fukuoka Structure: Reinforced concrete Building area: 182㎡

House in Nagazumi

Fukuoka, Japon, 2008

Location: Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Structure: Reinforced concrete Building area: 222㎡

House with Square Skylight

Chiba, Japon, 2008

Location: Kashiwa, Chiba Structure: Reinforced concrete Building Area: 229m2

Row House in Kanoya2

Kagoshima, Japon, 2006

The 14 units row house located in the countryside field was designed for the richer and various interior space in the functional ex...

Higashi-Tukiguma Public Hall

Fukuoka, Japon, 2005

Onigiri House

Oita, Japon, 2005

The small wooden house located in the countryside village was designed for an old couple. The design purpose was to create the maximum vo...

Nishiarita Town Center

Saga, Japon, 2005

Encouraged by the restructuring movement taking place within local Japanese government, the town of Nishi-arita entered negotiation...

House in Shinoe

Kumamoto, Japon, 2004

Photo: Kouji Okamoto

Row House in Kanoya

Kagoshima, Japon, 2003

Photos: Yoshikazu Nishijima Cars are crucial for the rural life. The parking is not any more a backyard b...

Norimaki House

Fukuoka, Japon, 2000

Photos: Kouji Okamoto A house for the young couple situated at the middle of an existing housing area in a peripheral ur...

YKK Kurobe Horikiri Dormitory

Toyama, Japon, 1999

Photos: Nobuaki Nakagawa With this building we tried to wrap and open the space simultaneously.

House with Funnel Roof

Oita, Japon, 1999

The wooden house for an elderly couple is situated in the middle of country side the forest. Three components of "Omoya/main buildin...