Nikke Asumo Ichikawa

Chiba, Japon, 2017

Hotel Risveglio Akasaka

Tokyo, Japon, 2015

Nikke Tetote Kakogawa

Hyogo, Japon, 2014


House in Torigoe

Tokyo, Japon, 2013


Okada Museum of Art

Kanagawa, Japon, 2013



Tokyo, Japon, 2011

This tiny house in inner-city Tokyo sits just three minutes from the bustling Yotsuya-Sanchome train station. Constructed from 150mm x 15...

House at the Mountain

Nagano, Japon, 2008

The site is located in a region of Karuizawa once marked off for development but now abandoned. A national forest borders the property, w...

Tofuku Nehando

Tokyo, Japon, 2005

The Shibuya-yama Tofuku temple which lies at the back of the high building near urban Shibuya station in Tokyo was actually first founded...

House at the Forest

Nagano, Japon, 2005

A path along a gently rolling wood leads you to the site. The sunlight and the wind seep through the altering density of the trees. An ol...

Aiikuen Clinic

Tokyo, Japon, 2003

This is a reconstruction of a 40-year-old clinic located in a tranquil neighborhood near Mizumoto park. We started with the concept of ma...