Urban design for the sport and business area of Pukou New Town

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Nanjing, China

This planning is located in Pukou street and on both sides of Chengnan river area of Pukou new town, Nanjing; Total area is about 6.7 square kilometers.
Combining the actual project backgroud, to finalize the overall framework for this planning: By the analysis of urban design factors, to determine urban features of Pukou planning area; By the research of industrial function formats, to find feasible way of differentiated development; Under the guidance of analysis and research, to create a livable urban space.

Based on the integrated industrial background and international typical case study of Nanjing, we determine the industry position and guideline for function format development and realize strengths between planning area and the northern part of new town. In the future, it is going to develop into a complex sun-center of Pukou New Town with commercial service, headquarters, R & D, sports and cultural leisure, garden residential.

Through the concept contrast in brainstorming, we draw advantages and characteristics of different concepts and combine the spatial characteristics of Pukou, Nanjing, to form urban design idea and concept. At the same time, we also continue to make space research and industrial development guideline and refine the final urban design spatial structure. The planning object is to build one ecological landscape belt, four special axises and a major core: Chengnan River ecological landscape belt; Pukou Avenue Business axis; Fengzi River Road technological headquarter axis; Leisure service center on riverside; Linjiang Road Sports Leisure axis; Zhuquan Road Cultural perception axis.

6.7 square kilometers

Nanjing Pukou new town development and construction Co., Ltd.

Nanjing urban design and research institute

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