Japon, 2020

House in Yahata

Japon, 2018

House in Iwakuni

山口県, Japon, 2018

House in Shunan

Japon, 2018

House in Setomi

Japon, 2017

House in Asami

Japon, 2016

House in Rakurakuen

Hiroshima, Japon, 2016

House in Shinyashiki

Ehime, Japon, 2016

The property is located in Saijo, Ehime, a region with vast flatlands. The Ishizuchi mountain range, which is famous in Japan, ca...

House in Jyohoku

Ehime, Japon, 2015

House in Gojinya

Ehime, Japon, 2015

House in Nyugawa

Ehime, Japon, 2014


House in Nakayama

Hiroshima, Japon, 2014

The site is a residential area in the mountains of Hiroshima, a place where you can spend a relaxing time. Thanks to each lot compromisin...

House in Torinoki

Ehime, Japon, 2013

House in Matsuyamaminami

Ehime, Japon, 2013

This house is located in a quiet suburb away from the Matsuyama city center area. Among friendly connections with neighbors, communicatio...

House in Inokuchi

Hiroshima, Japon, 2013

Parkside Hotel

Hiroshima, Japon, 2012

House in Iyo

Japon, 2012

House in Masaki

Ehime, Japon, 2011

 The housing, planned with couples and children in mind, is located a slight distance away from Matsuyama’s urban area in the ...

House in Imabari

Ehime, Japon, 2010

This project consisted of a residence for a couple with two children residing in Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture. The surrou...