Habibeh Madjdabadi

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HABIBEH MADJDABADI, born in 1977, is an Iranian Architect, Author, Designer, and Speaker.

In 2002 she graduated by a Master’s degree in Architecture from Azad University of Tehran and started her professional career in 2003 by establishing her design Studio in Tehran right after winning first prize in the design competition of restoring a historical building (belonging to Zand dynasty) in Iran. Since then she has received several awards and recognitions, among which are: shortlisted for Aga Khan Award 2016 and Tamayouz Women in Architecture and Construction Award 2019, winner of Chicago Award 2014, Worldwide Brick Award 2014, and MEMAR Award 2014.

Madjdabadi emphasizes the role of culture and geographical matters in her designs as well as putting a vast attention into choosing the materials and methods of fabrication. Materials are important means of ‘expression’ in her works and she considers them from a poetic point of view.

Another highlighted subject she works on is the role of human labor force in executive procedures. The imperfection and approximation of labors hand work, is intentionally used and lead by her to create unique artworks.

Her creations are the result of a meticulous research for discovering how an artistic approach can be at the same time, contemporary and rooted in tradition, local and global. In her recent works, she tries to uncover the poetic side of the materials by underlining their natural attitude and their interaction with the human body, through artisan modus operandi.

Habibeh Madjdabadi’s artistic exploration goes beyond architecture and she is making her mark in conceptual art and design. She is also appreciated for her articles about architecture and design. Many of them appeared on the most influential Iranian architectural magazine, called MEMAR with which she is collaborating as a member of the editorial board since 2002.

As an internationally known architect she also takes part in international projects such as the design of Norwegian embassy and Italian School in Tehran.

She has held numerous lectures around the world including Italy, Austria, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, Albania, Jordan, Czech Republic and Cyprus. Her work has been exhibited in Venice Biennale, TU Vienne University and Melbourne University.