Thicket Pavilion Study 2.0

John Hill
13. août 2015
Photo: © Ina Reinecke/Barkow Leibinger

A new installation by Berlin's Barkow Leibinger "offers a space for public encounter and experience" inside a thicket of bundled stainless steel rods.

The pavilion actually continues an idea first explored in the Thicket installation created for the "How Soon Is Now" exhibition last year at Judin Gallery in Berlin. There the architects filled part of a gallery with the stainless steel bundles to create a labyrinth for getting lost – or lost to a small degree, given the transparency of the construction.

Based on the structural innovations of R. Buckminster Fuller and Konrad Wachsmann, the bundles in both Thicket pavilions are self-supporting, with version 2.0 accentuating this fact in its support of a wood ceiling. The architects contend that this construction could be executed with whatever local materials are readily available, be it steel, bamboo, wood, or even paper.

See more of Thicket Pavilion Study 2.0 on the Barkow Leibinger website.

Photo: © Ina Reinecke/Barkow Leibinger
Photo: © Ina Reinecke/Barkow Leibinger

Architects: Barkow Leibinger, Berlin Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger
Team: Oliver Buklin, Gustav Düsing, Andreas Moling, Blake Villwock, Linda Zhang

Perspective floor plan (Drawing: Photo: Barkow Leibinger)
Perspective elevations and sections (Drawing: Photo: Barkow Leibinger)

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