Daniel Clayman's 'Radiant Landscape'

John Hill
4. octobre 2017
Daniel Clayman: Radiant Landscape, 2017 (Photo: Ken Ek | All photographs courtesy of Grounds for Sculpture and the artist)

In addition to bathing the galleries in colored light, the installations are immersive artworks, particularly the exhibition's eponymous pieces seen here. Two curved surfaces – one clear, one amber, each made from thousands of glass tiles strung together by copper rivets and hung from steel cables – form a space in the middle of the gallery that visitors can traverse. The amber "curtain" of glass drapes itself below the gallery's skylights, ensuring the surface's radiance, particularly at midday. Yet as the photo at top reveals, Radiant Landscape exploits glass's ability to reflect and refract light, making each visitor's experience a unique one depending on the time of day and the weather conditions.

Daniel Clayman: Radiant Landscape, 2017 (Photo: Ken Ek)
Daniel Clayman: Radiant Landscape, 2017 (Photo: Ken Ek)
Daniel Clayman: Radiant Landscape, 2017 (Photo: Ken Ek)

In addition to Radiant Landscape, the exhibition includes other artworks by Clayman inside the museum and on its grounds.

Daniel Clayman: Landscape Grouping, 2013-2016 (Photo: Ken Ek)
Daniel Clayman: Blue Horizon, 2017 (Photo: Ken Ek)
Daniel Clayman: Rainfield, 2017 (Photo: Will Howcroft)

Visit Grounds for Sculpture and Daniel Clayman's website and watch the below video for more information on Radiant Landscape.

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