Aranya Low Cost Housing showing the layout of the community
Foto © John Paniker
“They are not houses but homes where a happy community lives. That is what nally matters.”
Foto © VSF
Aranya Low Cost Housing and the relation between streets and entrances
Foto © VSF
Aranya Low Cost Housing and a variety of semi-public and public spaces
Foto © VSF
Foto © VSF
Perspective of a street as a miniature, by B.V. Doshi
Dibujo © VSF
Sketch showing staircases and terraces as living spaces
Dibujo © VSF
Façade studies for volumes and colors
Dibujo © VSF

Aranya Low Cost Housing

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Indore, India
Vāstu Shilpā Foundation, Balkrishna Doshi

Aranya Low Cost Housing accommodates over 80,000 individuals through a system of houses, courtyards and a labyrinth of internal pathways. The community is comprised of over 6,500 residences, amongst six sectors – each of which features a range of housing options, from modest one-room units to spacious houses, to accommodate a range of incomes.

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