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Between April and December, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Swiss-Architects editor Elias Baumgarten interviewed a slew of German, Austrian, and Swiss architects: virtual conversations that were transcribed into the five-part D-A-CH Talks series. The fifth conversation is translated... Elias Baumgarten


Architecture must change in order to address the climate crisis. But what directions do architects want to take? Snøhetta is making an interesting contribution to the debate: In southern Norway, the firm has designed an office building that produces more energy than it consumes over its life... John Hill, Elias Baumgarten


While his generation failed in its attempt to change society through architecture, Wolf D. Prix says today’s young talent does not even try to do so, preferring to take refuge in a romanticized past. What is urgently needed are fresh concepts for the next twenty years. Elias Baumgarten


Binke Lenhardt and Hao Dong head the Beijing-based firm Crossboundaries. They design conversions and modular buildings in China, but they also teach courses for children and... Elias Baumgarten


The use of robots for construction is no longer a completely new idea. For more than a decade now, intensive research has been carried out in this area. But so far only a few procedures and products have made it to market. One of them is Elias Baumgarten


Two days, 17 speakers, 5 events: the “Architecture Matters” conference took place in Munich on April 11 and 12, 2019. The highlight was Friday’s dense program of lectures and discussions spread across the afternoon and evening. The conference was organized for the fourth time by the curator... Elias Baumgarten

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