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Haus P

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Design Team: Rames Najjar, Cecilia Bechteler-Najar, Karim Najjar, Mihai Remus Spanache, Szczepan Sommer

House P​
completion 2020​
Vienna, Austria​
Under Construction

House P is located in Hietzing, Vienna’s 13th district, and one of its most affluent neighborhoods. the green space is Hitting occupies a share of more than 70% of the entire district, making it the highest proportion in Vienna. Our design proposal was thus determined by integrating the building into the green landscape with the focus of experiencing the surrounding nature and views.

the layout of functions in the living areas is informed by the intention to create a sequence of spacious, interconnected zones. these particular areas are articulated with specific materials across different levels. The experience is enhanced though connective views, which allow residents to experience the living areas as an extensive landscape. On the outside, this “living landscape” is frames by pools of water forming a fluid threshold connecting to the nature beyond. the living areas are covered by a wide spanning roof that covers over the scene, tapering towers the view.

A spacious void through the building connects to the bedrooms on the upper floor to the gym and garage below. The design also applies climate responsive passive systems that considerably reduce the carbon footprint and provide thermal and visual comfort.

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