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Boschetsrieder Straße 'Wunderkammer'

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Munich, Alemania
Horus Sentilo Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH
4,7 ha masterplan for 150.000 m2 office, housing, hotel, retail, gastronomy, day-care centre, social infrastructure and leisure
Participating parties
SLA, Copenhagen; COBE, Copenhagen (2nd phase competition); Studio Vulkan (1st phase competition)

With ‘Wunderkammer’, this inner-city densification on this 4,7 hectare former industrial site becomes a destination for the southwest of Munich. Set around a spine of green public spaces and a centrally located market hall, the new neighbourhood has all the potential to be used intensively throughout the day and a centre of gravity for the larger Obersendling area.

The design approach capitalises on neighbourhood’s heterogeneous urban context to foster diversity and a unique character. The design draws on this conditions by combining different typologies, heights and architectural designs - from perimeter block to high-rise, from apartment building to industrial element – into a contrasting urban ensemble. A sequence of orthogonal building plots and complementary typologies sit along the public spine, thus ensuring a lively streetscape. The urban composition has been carefully modelled to create a comfortable micro-climate in the open spaces. Aim is for the area to become a lively neighbourhood with high-quality architecture and inviting open spaces. A lush landscape of larger and more intimate public spaces and roof terraces offers lively and sheltered public spaces with a variety of climate-adapted vegetation. Built around a metro stop and flanked by a new tram line, the site’s excellent accessibility is further strengthened by a mobility concept offering a variety of transport modes, from bicycle sharing to electric vehicles. This adds up to the ambition to make maximum use of renewable energy, and to reduce to carbon emission.

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