Foto © Iwan Baan
Foto © Iwan Baan
Foto © Iwan Baan
Foto © Iwan Baan

CCTV Headquarters

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Beijing, China

Designed by OMA as a reinvention of the skyscraper as a loop, construction on the building began in 2004. At approximately 473,000m2, CCTV – accommodating TV studios, offices, broadcasting and production facilities – is OMA’s largest ever project and its first major building in China. CCTV defies the skyscraper’s typical quest for ultimate height. Rising from a common platform, two towers lean towards each other and eventually merge in a perpendicular, 75- metre cantilever. The design combines the entire process of TV-making – formerly scattered in various locations across the city – into a loop of interconnected activities.

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