PV House

Treviso, Italia, 2018

House in Padova

Italia, 2017

CM House

Conegliano, Italia, 2017

When a house becomes a reference point for a family, it stops being an object frozen in time destined to inexorable degrade, and becomes ...

D House

Treviso, Italia, 2017

An interior renovation is an operation that has now become procedure within the regenerative process of envelope-buildings. It requires a...

Dance School

Treviso, Italia, 2016

Il recupero di un fabbricato realizzato nel 1965 lungo uno dei viali che dal centro storico conduce alla prima periferia. Un manufatto di...

F House

Treviso, Italia, 2015

Through the refurbishment of this apartment in Treviso, we wanted to give the space a new spatial definition and a silent shape that coul...

Z House

Mogliano Veneto, Italia, 2013

The interior design for a house of approximately 300m sq in Mogliano Veneto, Italy. A single wide space where the dining room, the livi...

Renovation of a Farmhouse

Oderzo, Italia, 2011

A wide rural building located in Treviso countryside, used mainly as a farmhouse, had to be restored and converted into a family house. T...

Renovation of an Alpine Barn

Selva di Cadore, Italia, 2010

In the Italian Alps, barns vary form region to region in their form, materials and structure. In the Cadore which is located in the Dolom...

Family Chapel

Padova, Italia, 2009

Extracts from the conversation with the client FP and MP: “We called you to have our family chapel built” EXiT: “It would be interestin...