The Architect's Studio: Forensic Architecture – Witnesses

The Forensic Architecture studio, headed by architect Eyal Weizman, will be the fifth exhibition in The Architect’s Studio series. Instead of making architecture itself the object of analysis in models and images, Forensic Architecture constructs models and virtual spaces to look at specific events in new ways.

Forensic Architecture is dedicated to solving crimes against civilians, in part by analyzing architecture and landscapes based on the idea, and the awareness, that not only people but all matter has a memory, and that all memory is bound up with spatial perception.

Forensic Architecture works with evidence, aesthetically and socially. Reconstructing events in films, images and sound questions the conventional framework for presenting evidence and gives a voice to evidentiary materials and witnesses that are not normally included in established jurisprudence.

Often working closely with NGOs, Weizman’s studio has investigated drone strikes, industry-caused environmental disasters, boat migrants, and police brutality and murder of civilians.

The exhibition series The Architect’s Studio turns the focus on a new generation of pace-setting architects who work with sustainable and socially aware architecture and face the challenges of globalization.

The first exhibition in the series, in 2017, was about the Chinese firm Amateur Architecture Studio directed by Wang Shu and his wife and partner Lu Wenyu, the second, in 2018, about the Chilean group ELEMENTAL headed by artistic director Alejandro Aravena. In 2019 the Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao and her Estudio was exhibited in the series, and finally in 2020-2021 Indian architect Anupama Kundoo was presented in a show entitled Taking Time.

19 de mayo hasta el 23 de octubre, 2022
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gammel Strandvej 13
3050 Humlebæk, Denmark
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
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