Foto © Wang Ziling
Foto © Wang Ziling
Foto © Wang Ziling
Foto © Wang Ziling
Foto © Wang Ziling

Quarry No. 9

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Quarry No. 9 is cut into the rock as if with a knife and after a narrow entrance widens into an approximately rectangular area that tapers upwards in the interior like a very high-pitched roof with a narrow slit that lets daylight in. This quarry is a typical example of top-down mining. But, here, the fact the lower part that was created by means of machine excavation is also visible, since it differs in shape from the hand-worked parts above it. The lower area has a vertical wall structure
due to the use of machines, while the conical shape above is the result of manual work. The cathedral-like space, the rear part of which is partly covered, has excellent acoustics, even though its shape was created by chance during the quarrying of stones. After various tests were performed, the acoustic qualities were improved by means of the flooring, panels in the side railings, and sound-absorption measures to facilitate versatile use.

The existing conditions along with the technical optimization make this location suitable for lectures, performances, or the staging of traditional Wuju opera, which is common solely in this region and appeals to both local audiences and visitors. Cleverly staged artificial lighting creates a festive atmosphere that emphasizes spatial qualities and brings the massive, cracked wall surfaces into focus.

When it rains, the water collects in the slightly lower interior surface and mirrors the surroundings. Slight undulations are reflected on the walls of the space depending on the incidence of light, and the sound of dripping water can be heard as an additional acoustic experience.

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