What Is Casa Batlló?

John Hill
5. enero 2022
Photo: Bernard Gagnon/Wikimedia Commons

The answer, from director Altor Bigas in a short but dense film about the building at 43 Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudí nearly 120 years ago: "CASA BATLLÓ - This Is Not A House."

Actually, the two-minute CASA BATLLÓ - This Is Not A House serves as an advertisement for Simbolic, the store at Casa Batlló "where every product has a story." But with the narration contending, over rapid-fire images of the building's facade, that the Gaudí creation is "a celebration of nature and fantasy," the film aims to do much more, with building elements and objects on sale in the gift shop resonating with deeper aspects of nature — on earth and beyond.

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