2015, Wien
  • Before and After: From standard to sensation
  • In Vienna, the architect Nikola Popović from zone architekten was faced with the task of remodelling and extending the old home of his clients in such a way that it would meet modern demands but still not completely lose its original appearance. We show you how the architect mastered this challenge and how an inconspicuous detached house became a real dream house. (…)

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  •  Author: Sabine Neumann
  •  Publisher: Homify

2014, Moskau
  • Moscow Design Week
  • Ausstellungskatalog

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  •  Publisher: moscowdesignweek.ru

2014, Prag
  • Austrian Design
  • Austrian Design, surprisingly ingenious

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  •  Publisher: Designblok Prag

2014, Wien
  • Mag Rack stolići osvajaju svjetsko tržište dizajna
  • Mag Rack stolić čiji dizajn potpisuje hrvatsko-austrijski arhitekt i dizajner Nikola Popović

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  • Mag Rack stolići osvajaju svjetsko tržište dizajna
  • Mag Rack at Dutch Design Week

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  •  Author: Gala drvo
  •  Publisher: ELLE

  • Mag Rack Table Series by ZONE ARCHITEKTEN
  • Everyone is familiar with the chaos you encounter on the coffee table in your living room or at the office. Nikola Popovic, an Austrian architect and designer, decided to design a solution.
    The Mag Rack Tables allow easy and quick storage of magazines. They are made of high quality materials selected for durability. The slots in the table allow one to simply slide the magazines straight into their proper storage place.

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  •  Author: retail design blog
  •  Publisher: retail design blog

2014, New York
  • Control clutter with a 'covert' coffee table made in Croatia
  • Designed by Austrian-Croatian architect-designer (and rower!), Nikola Popovic, the Mag Rack Table is handcrafted in Croatia of either plywood and linoleum (which creates a warm matte finish) or middle-density fiberboard and acrylic (which delivers a glossy surface). The tables are shipped flat and can be assembled with an Allen key. After being shown at a number of international exhibitions—including Dutch Design Week, Prague Designblock and Moscow Design Week—the Mag Rack is making its official debut in two lengths (the 41.33-inch Mag-Impulse and the 62.99-inch Mag-Ander) and several colors.

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  •  Author: Jennifer Laing
  •  Publisher: Brick Underground / Real Estate. Real Life. Real New York

2013, Wien
  • Sustainable Building
  • Zone Architects – the office for architecture, urban planning and design – was founded in 2000 by the architect Nikola Popovic.
    Analysis and development of concept, design and submission plans, detailed construction planning.
    Artistic and on-site supervision.
    General planning services and consulting.
    Work by Zone Architects is, from the design stage onwards, as interdisciplinary as possible. Appropriate experts are involved from the very beginning in the development of the projects.

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  •  Publisher: Advantage Austria WKO

2012, Wien
  • The jewellery piece in Plötzleindorf
  • Smart, beautiful and unique, this is not the text of a marriage advertisement, but the short formula for a house.

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  •  Author: Text: Susanne Mitterbauer
  •  Publisher: Besser Wohnen

2010, Wien - Niederösterreich - Burgenland
  • DHM57 - Rebuilding and extension of a family house, 1180
  • The basic forms of the old house have been preserved and have been clad with concrete slabs to preserve the character of the existing house and "freshen up" it at the same time. Added object parts differed around material from the old house. They appear "flexible" and complement the existing house, without destroying the proportions and memory of the old house. The new forms extend to the side of the house, back to the garden and above the house. The result is a symbiosis of old and new, hard and soft.

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  •  ISBN: 978-3-941659-02-5

  • Oris Ideja
  • Exhibition of architecture drawings /
    Vienna, Leibach, Zagreb, Ljubljana

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2003, Zagreb
  • Oris
  • Booklet 21/2003
    Structure is the giver of light. When I choose an order of structure that calls for column alongside column, it presents a rhythm of no light, light, no light, light, no light, light. A vault, a dome, is also a choice of the character of light. Louis I. Kahn, "Between silence and light"

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  •  Author: Ante Nikša Bilić
  •  Publisher: ORIS d.o.o.

2001, Wien
  • Elementary school, kindergarten and daycare center Katharinengasse
  • Booklet 2001; Elementary school, kindergarten and daycare center Katharinengasse

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  •  Publisher: "Wettbewerbe" Architekturjournal

1998, Zagreb
  • Who is who in the Croatian Architecture
  • Edition 3/1997 – 1998, office building for the Federal Environmental Agency for the Architecture office Peretti & Peretti
    ISBN: 953-96057-7-6

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  •  ISBN: 953-96057-7-6
  •  Publisher: Verein Kroatische Architekten Zagreb

  • Competition: Centar Bonacic, Split, Croatia, decided
  • Booklet 165/166
    Competition: Centar Bonacic, Split, Croatia, decided
    Awarding institution: Centar Bonacic-Mediteran, in collaboration with DAS, HR-21000 Split

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  •  Publisher: "Wettbewerbe" Architekturjournal