Photo © Pepo Segura
Photo © Pepo Segura
Photo © Pepo Segura
Photo © Pepo Segura
Photo © Pepo Segura
© Pepo Segura

Exhibition Mies van der Rohe Award 2015

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Carrer d'Espronceda, 08018 Barcelona, Spain
0 - 100K

The exhibition consists in a dynamic space, where the viewer is encouraged to discover the potential of the lights and the images. The exhibition doesn’t have a figure, but retains a form: it’s an organism inside an open space system, adaptable and flexible.

The variation of module 70X70 cm create the surface to exhibit the materials of the exhibition. Modules are composed by thin steel structure, light and printed textiles.

The composition of this differences forms create the atmosphere of the space.

In fact, the module, like furniture, are designed to expose visual and graphics materials according to three categories: historical information on the Fundació Mies van der Rohe, historical information on European prize for contemporary architecture and architectural selected project. This patter includes the four finalists, winner and emerging winner with models and original sketch drawing.

The exhibition is organized in an entry part, the square, one part in the middle, the column, and at list the winner part, the cella.

Each Project is accompanied by originals models and sketch.

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