Photo © Veit Aschenbrenner
Photo © Herbert Schwingenschlögl
Photo © Veit Aschenbrenner
Photo © Veit Aschenbrenner

Community Center

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Egydiplatz 1, 2731 St. Egyden (AT), Austria
100K - 1M
1-5 Stories

The new building for the Community Centre of St. Egyden is setting a course consolidated in a precise way.
The part of the structure is formed without of the different use for local government, local events and parish events.
Internal spaces are beeing geared to specific outdoor spaces: the public building to the new local square, and like a court to the green of a public orchard or to the parish garden. Consequently events are expandable to a specific outdoor space.
The wall out of quarrystone as the local formativ element is partly rebuild and streched. It became the base of new parish hall und leads to the central entrance of the Community Centre.
Easy panning the walls of the halls increasing tension of interior and outdoor spaces. The different inclined roofs are following these designing concept, forming a roof-landscape and generous space indoor.
The concept of the interior organisation with an interior coutyard is basing upon space ecology, which is achieved with movable elements. Public zones, communication rooms and halls are combinable and complex usable.

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