Hybrid Courtyard Living

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Beijing, China

In Baitasi No. 22 courtyard house renovation project, we explore the relationship of old and new in two subjects:


Firstly, the continuation of old and new in lifestyle - The existing “za yuan”(chaotic yard), Beijing residential tenements within courtyard, is a policy outcome after liberation. In a sense, it represents a certain stage in history. Its cultural traces and values should be properly respected in the urban renovation, while the cluttered living condition needed to be refined and improved. No.22 courtyard, in the future, will not only carry living function, but also space for office, public activities. It will become a new spark of energy to its surrounding community. Through thorough division of space, each function has its own yard and enhanced quality space for users. This is what we intend to promote in the space of Hybrid Courtyard, a "hybrid living" that is more suitable in the urban living today.


Secondly, the juxtaposition of old and new in construction - With the respect for the old town fabric in Baitasi area, the new Hybrid Courtyard strictly follows the existing order - Overhaul and protect the north building, demolish the low quality temporary structure in the courtyard, and replace with new installation system. Major material for the new installation is laminated bamboo. Components can be prefabricated in the factory and assembled on site, to minimize the construction disturbance to the neighbors. Transparency and permeability of installation ensure natural lighting and ventilation, and create a unique spatial experience.


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