Building with Brick ­ – On the Beauty of the Material

Podcast Episode 4 with Christian Heuchel, Bernhard Krutzke and Florian Schöter

Then, for a few decades, concrete buildings, plaster systems and steel-and-glass buildings dominated contemporary architecture. Since the 2000s, brick has been experiencing a renaissance. What brought this about? Is the eagerness to experiment with brick more pronounced today than in the past? What can brick achieve that other materials can’t? And how can the potential of brick be interpreted and used in a contemporary way?

Interactive map
Using selected building projects by O&O Baukunst, the topic is presented taking the city of Cologne as an example. For information on the projects, click here for the interactive map.

«Town Planning in Democratic Structures» is a project of O&O Baukunst Köln, C. FATH and World-Architects.