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Great Britain

Tonkin Liu is an award-winning architectural practice, whose work encompasses architecture, art and landscape. We offer forward-thinking clients a design that is finely tuned to the place it is sited, the people who will occupy it, and the culture that surrounds it at the time.

This emphatic search for new beginnings is set out in our book “asking looking playing making”, published in 1999. The unique story telling methodology searches for archetypes that will inform the process of design from inception to completion, giving the project a lasting resonance.

Each project embodies our relationship to nature. Some projects celebrate changing weather and seasons, some evoke the power of nature as symbols, whilst others emulate form and performance, using lessons in nature to inspire pioneering construction techniques. Our preoccupation with nature informs the design process, whether through biomimicry or by using the elements nature generously gives us for free.

We are interested in doing what we have not done before and our aim is always the same, to satisfy the mind and touch the heart.

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