Photo © Julien Lanoo
Photo © Julien Lanoo
Photo © Julien Lanoo
Photo © Julien Lanoo


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Materials have always been a major part of the architect’s world, practice, and research. They speak their own language, about the places they come from, the richness and complexity of their formation, even the geological foundations of Earth itself. They also inspire us to push the boundaries of the architectural practice of inventing, reinventing, reusing, and adapting, going beyond the strict divisions between disciplines and finding new connections on aesthetic, functional, and technical levels. 
A series of interventions, in the form of prototypes and segments of our research divided into themes and projects which, on one hand, each tell its own silent story, and on the other, create a dialogue between the architect and his search for inspiration that will at times be vivid and dynamic, at other times, contemplative. The scenography follows our studies on materials – our research on production, finishing, implementation, on proportion and nuances, and light, and, moreover, the enduring or evanescent qualities of a project. 

Looking back is a moment of reflection, a moment of uncovering untold stories – stories inhabited by architecture. Each of our projects has a story, in which all elements are considered with equal importance. Variations aims to offer a glimpse into these hidden and poetic aspects of our studio’s work. 

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