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Linz, Austria

It is not about the beautification of the living space through informative loose building shells, but the responsibility to the individual!

Each task begins with the regional planning and urban design. Then we work our way into the building. It is about dealing with the functional processes, which are synonyms for the needs and represent permission for a building. After we read into the task of the building, they can re-grow from the inside, to be read on the outer shell. This procedure means that ther are no ready solutions and we respond individually to every question. Honored with the Cultural Award in Upper Austria, gives us the right to claim in our architecture.

But every plan and every building needs a client who is committed to the ideas of the architect. Realizing visions together is a nice job, which is crowned at the end with satisfaction and joy. I guarantee that: Arch. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Steinlechner.

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Linz, Austria