Parasite Pavilion - 14th Venice Biennale Fundamentals

Venice, Italy

TCA Think Tank is an international architecture and design group based in Milan, practicing architecture, urbanism and cultural analysis. TCA was founded in Shanghai in 2011 as a network for interaction between design, critics, journalism, didactic and art.

TCA works with architects, artist, publishers, universities, galleries, escaping the constrains between research and practice, and exploring multidisciplinary possibilities. TCA’s endeavour is to enhance the cultural debate by practicing architecture, curating exhibitions, organising forums and participating conferences, in collaboration with national and international institutions. TCA participated in the 14th Venice Biennale, Fundamentals in 2014, curated the exhibition “Chinese Condition” and  the Parasite Pavilion Workshop in Arsenale exhibition space. TCA hosted the conference “The Condition of Architecture: Liu Xiaodu Talks” in Polytechnic University of Milan, co-organized and co-hosted the forum “Mountains Beyond Mountains” in Chinese Pavilion in the 14th Venice Biennale; participated in the discussion “The Future of The Museum in China” in Beijing by STUDIO X, in collaboration with Columbia University. TCA is part of the editorial board of trimonthly publication STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism Magazine, and the editorial coordinator of the Series of Books “I Protagonisti” by l’ARCA International magazine, featuring the protagonists of International architectural panorama.

TCA writes regularly for l’ARCA, STUDIO, MARK, ArchDaily the articles, interviews and critical essays. TCA  joined the team of professors of the Master Degree in Architecture at Polytechnic University of Milan where it integrates didactic and research activities. TCA  is also part of the group of artists and curators of Armada Art Space in Milan, focused on displaying meaningful ideas incorporated in art, performances and exhibitions.

Through the production of research to practice, TCA performs with Theoretical Condition of the Architecture.

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