hara house

Japan, 2019

Hara house is located in the agricultural village of Tsurugasone, formerly known as Nakanoshima, in Nagaoka city, Niigata prefecture. Th...

is house

新潟県, Japan, 2018

敷地は新潟県三条市北入蔵。大きな農家が解体され、開発された住宅分譲地の一角。 そこに夫婦2人、子供2人の4人が暮らす住宅を計画した。 求められた事は、 大きな本棚のある大きなワンルームと、本を落ち着いて読むことのできる多様な拠り所。 そしてとにかく「ぼーっとできる家」である...


Japan, 2018

The site is in Akiba town, Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture, in a neighborhood with a nursery, elementary and junior high school. The nei...

shiro house

Akita, Japan, 2018

The site is located in the dense residential area of Narayama, Akita city, facing a row of a thousand cherry trees lining the bank of th...

su house

Japan, 2018

Located in Urayama, Nishi ward, Niigata City, the site is located atop a sand dune hill formed by the Sea of Japan. The site area is 20...

se house

Japan, 2017

The residential area where the site is located abuts a high-speed motorway in the Nishi ward of Niigata, Japan. The area was embanked wit...

sa house

Japan, 2017

The project site is located in an old rural settlement near Kameda station in Konan ward, Niigata, Japan. The area has relatively recentl...

m house

Japan, 2017

Located in the mountain basin of Unouma, Japan; the city does a complete turnaround from warm humid summers to snow covered winters. Here...

tomi house

Niigata, Japan, 2017

Tomi House is located in Niigata Prefecture's Yuzawa, a town notable for its particularly heavy snowfall. Our first introduction to the ...

ta house

Japan, 2016

敷地は新潟砂丘の頂、新潟市中央区二葉町。古くは170年程前から始まった砂防林整備地域、その後1960〜70年代、新潟大火の復興に際して文教施設や邸宅の建築により市街化が進んだ。そして現代、大きな邸宅跡地は小さく分割され現在の住宅地としての姿を現す。 この敷地はその歴史の中で...

sakuramori house

Akita, Japan, 2016

on house

Yamagata, Japan, 2015

Wow! Sta.

Niigata, Japan, 2015

Wow! Sta. is situated in Horinouchi, in the Central Ward of Niigata City - an area where the city center gradually begins to give way to ...


Niigata, Japan, 2015

Cardigan Cardigan!!

Niigata, Japan, 2015

In a plot of suburban subdivisions within a walking distance of Niigata railway station, Cardigan Cardigan!! is planned for a family of f...

ita house

Niigata, Japan, 2014

GO-BANG! House

Niigata, Japan, 2014

In a region of heavy snowfall in Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan, the site is situated in the semi-industrial zone, more specifically, in a resid...

OH! house

Niigata, Japan, 2013

In 2012, an enormous amount of housing lots, 540 subdivisions in 17.30 ha of the high-density housing development area, was opened up for...

y house

Niigata, Japan, 2013

Facing to the approach to a shrine, the site is found just beside gigantic 200-year-old Japanese zelkova trees. How can we bring this ric...

m&c house

Niigata, Japan, 2012

"Forty-year-old wooden-frame house renovation project. Our design sought to achieve extensive earthquake reinforcement, as well as upgr...

o house

Niigata, Japan, 2012

Courtyard House in Peach Garden This is a private residence for a family of three built on a very particular landscape in the subu...

k house

Niigata, Japan, 2009

This smaller house was designed for a couple with two grown children incorporating the specific needs of the family—that it be hand...

i table

Niigata, Japan, 2007

家族構成の変化に応じたLDKの計画である。 主人の多趣味に応えること、溢れるモノを整理すること、ホームパーティーに対応できることが求められた。 今までの使い方をみるとモノを整理するということを収納量の問題としてはとらえることが出来ず、むしろ使い方とか散らかし方の問題、そして...