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T2.a Architects | Budapest was founded by father and son, Gábor (1948) and Bence Turányi (1974) in 2004. During the past few years the operation has been managed by Bence Turányi, while Gábor has been lending us a hand as a consultant.

Our work is characterised by an openness of mind both intellectually and technically. We are convinced that “good architecture” means the creation of buildings that can strike a healthy balance between aspects of architecture, technology and economy. Such buildings always bring long-term, permanent solutions for the individual and the society alike, and of course exhibit outstanding architectural qualities.

We enforce this principle in all our projects irrespective of size and function. Our creations are never wanton but an exact answer to the analysis of the actual task at hand, the location and the possibilities. The creative process can of course never be based on analysis only – this is why we devote special attention to intuition, the “first hunch”. We are proud to say that in the vast majority of cases our first thoughts and sketches prove right and pass the test of various analyses.

In recent years, T2.a Architects has designed and followed through to – and sometimes beyond – completion many successful and innovative buildings that belong to the vanguard of contemporary Hungarian architecture. Apart from designing public buildings we devote special attention to quality private buildings and to the personal involvement in social projects. Besides our presence in Hungary we have, during the past few years, increased our efforts towards expanding our international opportunities and relationships.

Our works have been regularly published in Hungarian and international architecture journals and we frequently deliver lectures both in Hungary and abroad. Our buildings have been awarded numerous Hungarian and foreign nominations and awards, the most distinguished being our nominations for the Mies van der Rohe and Iakov Chernikov awards in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

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