Dr Russell Smith

Principal and Landscape Planner
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DR RUSSELL ARTHUR SMITH is Principal/Landscape Planner at STX Landscape Architects where his work focuses on areas encompassing strategic and physical planning, policy development, project design and evaluation, with specific focus on sustainable development and management.

Drawing from this diversity in experience has allowed Dr Smith to see projects in a unique and realistic way. In a career that spans the Pacific, Europe and the USA, Dr Smith has worked as consultant to a range of clients both in public and private sectors, and headed large multi-disciplinary teams, working to produce high-quality, sustainable and maintainable areas which are responsive to users and communities.
Dr Smith’s professional acumen, is complemented by a body of writing on landscape architectural design and urbanism. He is also author of Achieving Successful Development Planning, which focuses on addressing strategic leadership challenges in Asian tourism sector.

Dr Smith has lectured and exhibited work internationally, and serves as visiting critic and board member at design institutions and universities. His astute knowledge, both academically and professionally, has made him a celebrated speaker and moderator at many local and international conferences.

Dr Smith received his B.Arch and M.Arch from the University of Queensland, and his Ddes in Landscape Planning from Harvard University, Cambridge, USA. He is an Accredited Landscape Architect, a Member of the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects, a Certified Practising Planner of the Planning Institute of Australia and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects.


Helen Smith-Yeo

Founder and Principal
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HELEN SMITH-YEO is Founding Principal at STX Landscape Architects and has been practicing landscape architecture for over 30 years. In that time, she has achieved to her credit numerous prestigious and award-winning landscapes, on small to large canvasses, within Singapore and spanning Asia.

Helen’s designs, often cited in architectural design books and magazines, are recognised for being immaculate, elegant and bold. These accolades have been conferred by peers and professional bodies, as a testament to Helen’s design skills and professionalism.

Helen earned her MLA with Distinction from Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, following her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture Studies at the National University of Singapore. She is an Accredited Landscape Architect and also a Corporate Member of the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA).


Sherman Stave

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SHERMAN STAVE is a landscape architect with more than 30 years of experience. He has practised extensively in Asia and North America.

Sherman places special emphasis on environmentally sustainable and pragmatic design solutions. His design expression is inspired by the works of artists, the organic forms of nature, as well as the landscape features surrounding a project; it is design mindful of purpose and sensitive of context that give projects a distinct identity and character.

Sherman received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and his Masters in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University, Cambridge, USA. Sherman is an Accredited Landscape Architect and also a Member of the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects.