Bird’s eye view overlooking the environmental deck area
Photo © John Gollings Photography Pty Ltd
Section-cut across the upper and lower pool deck
Photo © STX Landscape Architects
Concept Design Process
Photo © STX Landscape Architects
The entrance cascading water-feature mimicking a hilly paddy field terrace
Photo © John Gollings Photography Pty Ltd
Waterbodies surrounding the environmental deck
Photo © John Gollings Photography Pty Ltd
View overlooking the island fun pool, with floating planter in the middle of the pool area
Photo © John Gollings Photography Pty Ltd
50m lap pool surrounded by lush greenery
Photo © John Gollings Photography Pty Ltd
The natural organic form of water feature, meandering pathway, and lush greenery
Photo © STX Landscape Architects
Bio-pond with timber deck area wrapping the clubhouse
Photo © John Gollings Photography Pty Ltd
Jacuzzi pool overlooking to the iconic architecture clubhouse
Photo © John Gollings Photography Pty Ltd
Elevated view overlooking the central environmental deck area
Photo © John Gollings Photography Pty Ltd

Foresque Residences

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101-109 Petir Road, 678277 Singapore, Singapore
Wing Tai Property Management Pte Ltd
Arc Studio Architecture
KTP Consultants Pte Ltd
Squire Mech Pte Ltd
Quantity Surveyor
Rider Levett Bucknall LLP
Softscape Contractor
Landscape Services Pte Ltd
Main Contractor/Builder
Tiong Aik Construction Pte Ltd

Foresque Residence Condominium was designed to celebrate and embrace the flora and fauna of the site, nestled in the grounds enclosed within nature parks and reserves. The synergy created between the residential towers and the surrounding landscape created a seamless fraternisation between artificial and natural elements, as they learn to coexist in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Retaining the essence of nature in its dense and lush planting, the landscape integrates a variety of trees, palms, shrubs, and ground-covers to mimic the forest species, capturing the rich diversity of plant life in its surrounding.
This inspirational forest and natural setting act as the fundamental element of the Foresque Residence experience; stimulating users to connect with and reflect upon the physical environment. The design and layout of the landscape are conceived to help protect the diversity of the natural environment as well as the processes that sustain it while respecting the site and the surrounding environments.

The Design Concept

One of the key objectives of the landscape design for Foresque Residence Condominium was to create a unified and cohesive sense of place that reflects its natural location. The plans recognised the importance and uniqueness of the site, surrounded by nature parks and reserves.

Thus, the design inspiration was to create a seamless integration of the park, making it appear as though one is living within nature. This intimate relationship transcends beyond borders, bringing nature and wilderness closer to homes, balconies, terrace, private spaces, and courtyards. The property's architectural language integrated with forest topography and landscape design creates a symbiosis of spaces perfect for quiet contemplation and appreciation.

Natural organic forms and sinuous curves define the water features (swimming pools, Jacuzzi pool, fun pools, shallow stream, water play pool, kid’s pools, bio-pond), meandering pathways, timber deck, landscaped terraces, and planting beds.

A curved staircase leads the landscape up at the arrival lobby, journeying towards the podium deck. Surrounding water features, garden pavilion structures, and planting creates a strong first impression for the development.
The Environmental Deck
The environmental deck features a perfect green sanctuary. The podium landscape space, formed by a series of water bodies, links the arrival plaza towards the main clubhouse located at another end of the development.

The podium space is divided into two different platforms, with a curvilinear profile of cascading water feature, linking between the upper and lower water bodies.

The resulting landscape features a sinuous water body that flows through the site like a gentle stream, forming the focal spine of the entire space.

The 50m lap pool is located in the middle of the podium deck, intersperse with a fun pool and Jacuzzi pool, located at the two ends. Water from these pools cascades down to the podium platform, connecting the play pool and children’s pool at the lower deck. Extending beyond the Jacuzzi pool is the iconic clubhouse, engulfed by a bio-pond and an outdoor timber deck area, decorating the clubhouse frontage.

The Sky Terrace spreads across two towers and is located at two different locations - Block 1 and 2, and Block 4 and 5. The landscape design is derived from the Sky Terrace's iconic architectural elements.

The landscape amenities are thus strategically planned to exist synonymously to architectural orientations, elements, and its functions:

1) Hardscape mosaic pattern, created with a combination of wash pebble paving;
2) Swimming pool mosaic pattern, created through a combination of mosaic pool tiles, and;
3) Soft-scape mosaic pattern, created through a combination of landscape mass planting

Environmental and Sustainability Features
To enhance the environmental sensitivity and sustainability of the site, a wide variety of flora and fauna were designed and conceptualised. Large trees with broad canopies were proposed to provide shade and comfort while planting next to the water bodies was limited to plants with large leaves and flowers to minimise maintenance.

In the evenings, lights from the trees, palms, and pavilions, together with the lighting of the pools and water features, provides ambient lighting to the surrounding environment; inviting users to completely engage in a warm and calming ambiance.

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