Beatriz Ramo

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(1979, Zaragoza –Spain) graduated in Architecture and Urban planning in the ETSA of Valencia, Spain. In 2006, she founded STAR strategies + architecture in Rotterdam. STAR is a practice interested in all fields relevant to architecture - from information design to regional development. The office has received several prizes in international competitions of architecture and urban planning in The Netherlands, China, Iceland, Lebanon, and Spain.

Beatriz Ramo initiated several city studies, being the most relevant: “The Re-Creation of the EuropeanCity- Urban Shopping list for Secondary Cities”, which has received support from different governments.


She regularly gives lectures and is visiting critic at schools and institutions (e.g. SDA in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Chalmers Göteborg, AAS Tilburg, ETSA Sevilla, TU Delft, Elisava in Barcelona, RietveldAcademyin Amsterdam, ArchitectureMuseumin Wroclaw, etc…). Next to that, Beatriz Ramo is a guest lecturer at the AAS in Tilburgwhere she runs a research studio on the theme “Architecture and Market”.

Since 2008, she is the managing editor of MONU magazine on urbanism.

Before founding STAR, Beatriz Ramo worked at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture - OMA in Rotterdam where she participated among others in the CCTV building in Beijing or the recently open “Dee & Charles Wyly” Theatre in Dallas.