Del Carmen Concept Hotel - Landscape

Guadalajara, Mexico

The departure point in our projects is always the landscape. Whether it is a natural area or an interior space, we study the relationship between constructed objects and the open space among them.

The severity of working with the idea of the landscape lies in it’s capacity to reach new dimensions, to break through the limits, to blur the silhouettes and retrace again the familiar profiles of which has been known as architecture.

The exploration, in different ways, of spaces other than those architecture designs, materials other than those architecture knows and manipulates. The places that emerge between buildings, the spaces established outside the architecture meant to contain the social activities, the soil to nurture the vegetation conceived as another presence in the city.

An architecture tuned-in with the landscape (rather than integrated to it) lies precisely in it’s ability to provide technical and plastic solutions which are amazing, unusual, enriching, never paralyzed by the presence of nature, but stimulated by the possibility of incorporating her, of fostering her, of reinventing her again: the possibility of enriching nature rather than merely preserving her.

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Guadalajara, Mexico