Conference Center, Astir Palace at Vouliagmeni


Throughout time the architectural work meets a variety of topics, complex or simpler. Changes scale, size, use and place. In this way basic questions conceal and come back. Meanings and forms, textures and non-material items are making a process of continuous and successive transformations. Meanings, such as public space changes with the topic of corporeity, the meaning of recognition speaks with the form, the topic of transformation with time. The presentation of a project is a narration of the way that the meanings, the forms, the sizes and the textures are getting into the play of composition. With connections between lines, surfaces, volumes and textures, from the space that hugs the movement and the time. Through time every project gives its own stimulus for research and changes of the way and the expressive means that we use. The projects are hybrids. They are born from previous ideas and they inspire the new. Every new project is given birth from the meeting of an existing project with the one that just emerge. Although, that the new is changing every time, there are always similar elements. Pieces of thoughts and images enrich the vocabulary and imports into the narration small sections or propose new ways. At the same time, the projects are born from the osmosis between inside and outside. As the projects are nothing more than the section of the inside word, that gives each one his or her particularity and the outside word. A meeting point of city, program, architecture. Without the persistence in a property that would sign a define and a well recognised way of approach, what is motivated each time where a new subject is presented , it is the real wish for the new. The wish of subtraction, of redundant, of the simplicity of the forms, of the purity of meanings and materials. A wish to ensure a space for the traces of people throughout time.

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Athens, Greece
1982 (Thessaloniki), 1999 (Athens)