Guest House, Bar Harbor, Maine

SPAN - Stonely Pelsinski and Neukomm LLC brings together a diverse array of experiences and interests as practitioners, teachers, artists and theorists. Karen Stonely, Peter Pelsinski, and Jean-Gabriel Neukomm are registered, LEED accredited architects and began collaboration in 1998.

Their award winning work combines thoughtful and inventive conceptual design with technological and material innovation. Solutions to problems are approached with an open mind and evolve through an organic, collaborative process both within and outside the studio to include the client, artisans, builders and leaders in their related fields. SPAN works on an array of typologies including hospitality, single and multi-family residences, retail spaces, offices, interior design, art, furniture and objects.

Above all else, SPAN shares a deep appreciation and reverence for design through architecture and art that guides their pursuit of creating superlative work.

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