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Superimpose Architecture


Inside the rural Tai Yang Valley, West of Hangzhou, the Sun Commune is a local initiative raising awareness of sustainable farming and promoting he...

Parallect Design

Renovation of Suzhou Shengze Tanqiu Silk Reeling Factory 

Social Background: Suzhou Shengze's silk production and trade have a long history. The history of mulberry planting, sericulture, silk reeling and...

WAU Design

120-Division School 

The 120-division School, designed by WAU Design, is completed recently. The school including 72 classrooms, teacher's office, library, lecture hall...

Studio 10

Spatial Design of Long Life Design: Thinking and Practice 2000‒2020 

In the era of "consumerism" we live in, in this fast-growing emerging metropolis, an exhibition called "Long Life Design" seems a bit inopportune y...