Geometric shapes inspire Sattler to ever new and more sophisticated designs. One of the dining areas at the Andrea Lange Institute of Culinary Arts is illumi- nated by a pendant luminaire from the Doppio product range, which has been manufactured from a c
Photo © René Krause
The Slim Ellipse luminaire, a new SATTLER design, is a particularly delicate pendant luminaire which illuminates the entire dining table. The luminaire consists of an aluminium pro le with inserted acrylic glass and is suspended from thin steel cables. It
Photo © René Krause
The indirect light emanating from the Doppio luminaire creates a second light ring on the ceiling. This ingenious play with light is part of the interior concept.
Photo © René Krause
Cooking like a chef: The kitchen with the central cooking island. Even from here, one’s eyes are pleasantly drawn to the Sattler luminaires.
Photo © René Krause

Kochschule Andrea Lange

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Markplatz, 71634 Ludwigsburg

Atmospheric Ambiance – Sattler illuminates the Andrea Lange Institute of Culinary Arts with exquisite pendant luminaires. They accentuate the dining tables and the elaborately restored ambiance.

Atmospheric light for culinary creations: SATTLER illuminates the historic and stylistically varied ambiance of the Andrea Lange Institute of Culinary Arts in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The graceful pendant luminaires from the Doppio and Slim Ellipse product range provide a vibrant setting for the dining tables and emphasize the architecture of the elaborately restored timber frame construction.

In 2015, the Andrea Lange Institute of Culinary Arts moved into one of the oldest buildings on Market Square in Ludwigsburg. Before that, the entire oor of 200 sqm was re-designed from an architectural and lighting standpoint. After gutting the timber frame construction, the architects Walter Henger and Volker Heyn, based in Ludwigsburg, created a connection to the history of the building by restoring the oak oor, by carefully renovated ceilings and by handcrafted doors. The rooms were re-allocated: In addition to the generously dimensioned kitchen as the centre of the Institute, the big and small dining rooms as well as the trophy room serve as inviting spaces for wonderful meals.

A Vibrant Mixture of Various Styles – Cooking group, party or event location: Depending on the group size and occasion, the furniture can be arranged accordingly. New and old furniture, modern art and an antler collection – everything has its designated space. This vibrant mixture of different styles is illuminated impressively by the exquisite and sculptural luminaires made by Sattler.

Special Lighting Ambiance – The circular luminaires in the Doppio range and the oval Slim Ellipse luminaires, newly developed by Sattler, create a special lighting ambiance above the various dining and party tables. After intensive work in the kitchen, the participants of the cooking events enjoy their culinary creations under unobstrusive and pleasant light, which is evenly cast on the tables.

The indirectly emanating light emphasises the historic stucco ceiling and imparts the entire ambiance sophistication and atmosphere. Even for daytime events, the lights remain switched on. In combination with daylight, which emanates from the large windows facing southwest, the luminaires harmonically and evenly distribute the light in the rooms. “Our guests enthusiastically take in the interior of our Institute of Culinary Arts. The location is also booked for other events due to its special atmosphere”, says owner Andrea Lange.

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Slim Ellipse

Walter Henger und Volker Heyn, Ludwigsburg

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