House Txell

Martorelles, Spain, 2020

single family house

Apartment Raval

Barcelona, Spain, 2020

Rehabilitation of an apartment in Raval, Barcelona

Penthouse Sarria

Barcelona, Spain, 2019

project under construction

Apartment Glòries

Barcelona, Spain, 2019

The apartment to be renovated, built at the beginning of the 20th century in Barcelona, was based on a classical layout with small, dark ...

Apartment Ciutat Vella

Barcelona, Spain, 2018

Cage Gallery + Coworking

Barcelona, Spain, 2018

The goal of the project was the conversion of a dark ground-floor warehouse, located in a rarely frequented street in the Old Town of Bar...

Office Weirather Wenzel & Partner 2

Barcelona, Spain, 2016

The project begins with the task from the Company WWP to design their second offices in Barcelona. To reduce the cost and the environment...

Súper Coffee & Food

Barcelona, Spain, 2015

Apartment Eixample

Barcelona, Spain, 2013

Refurbishment of an apartment in Eixample. the character given to each room is unique, suplied by the changing colours of the walls. The ...

House in Sitges II

Sitges, Spain, 2011

Renovation of a holiday house in Sitges.

House in Sitges I

Sitges, Spain, 2010

Refurbishment of an old traditional farm house in Sitges.

Apartment La Barceloneta

Barcelona, Spain, 2009

Renovation of a tiny apartment in La Barceloneta. The challenge is to make an habitable flat for one to three people out of 26 m2. All he...

Office Gas Natural

Barcelona, Spain, 2009

The Project begins with the priority of personalize the tower interiors depending on the function once the client is already the user of ...

Office Red Bull

Barcelona, Spain, 2009

Black, cool and sporty – with views over the city. Dark-red lacquered furniture units – encased in a cloud.

Office Weirather Wenzel & Partner

Barcelona, Spain, 2007

Interpretation of an oak-cabinet, transformed into an ice-blue landscape.

Apartment Vallvidrera

Barcelona, Spain, 2006

Refurbishment of a long narrow apartment in Vallvidrera's hill. In order to keep the eye on the panoramic view of Barcelona from any poin...

Two houses Begur

Begur, Spain, 2006

Geometric cubes located deep in the woods, with terraces in the treetops.

House Zumikon

Renovation project for the villa from the 60's to adapt the house to the needs of the current residents. Simultaneously with the modernis...